Offering Document (Offering Memorandum) Development

Our flagship service; we are capable of providing industry-leading tier offering documents at an unbeatable value. We are confident in our ability to deliver institutional-tier Offering Documents and back this statement with an unprecedented guarantee of customer satisfaction. A robust offering document package is essential to a successful long-term hedge fund operation, and it is one of our key business objectives to continue delivering the same quality of workmanship that a large law firm would provide, at a fraction of the cost. Our Offering Document Packages are fully customized to your specifications, and include the following.

  • The Private Placement Memorandum, Including (among others);
    • Provides Executive Summary of Offering
    • Transferability Restriction Disclosures
    • Forward Looking Statement Disclosures
    • State-Level Notices
    • Federal Notices
    • Risk Factors
    • Investment Program Disclosures
    • Litigation / Arbitration Procedures
    • Conflict of Interest Disclosures
    • Management & Back-Office Information
    • Third Party Disclosures
    • Indemnification Disclosures
    • LPA Summary
    • ERISA Considerations
    • Fund P/L Treatment
    • Tax Matters
    • Privacy Act Disclosures
    • Terms of Offering
    • Suitability Standards
  • The Subscription Agreement, Including;
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures
    • Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures
    • Substitute W-9
  • The Limited Partnership Agreement, Including;
    • General Fund Information & Definitions
    • Capital Contribution Treatment
    • Allocation Treatment
    • Distributions
    • Withdrawal Terms
    • Management Responsibilities
    • Accounting & Record-keeping Treatment
    • Representations & Warranties
    • Amendments
    • Addition of Limited Partners
    • Transfer of Limited Partners
    • Dissolution
    • Execution Procedures

A robust and high quality Offering Memorandum is crucial for the longevity of any hedge fund operation, and particularly for those that expect to manage over $10MM USD in assets under management (AUM). While simple ‘template-drop’ offering documents may suffice for very small funds of less than $1MM AUM, scalability of the Fund becomes drastically limited. We have observed severe quality control issues with low-cost template model services. On the counter-side; established law firms will likely provide a high-quality product, but charge exorbitant fees that are uneconomical or simply non-value added.

Our Philosophy:

Properly mitigating risk to management is the pillar of our work. Our developed offering documents provide a high degree of transparency to your investors; we believe our clients’ investors should be fully informed in a conservative, risk-mitigated manner, disclosing risk factors to an extensive degree to reduce litigation risk to management. Regulatory matters are addressed thoroughly to minimize compliance risk. We take a consolidated approach to our produced documents to reduce omission risk. Our documents have been reviewed extensively, from a wide variety of industry professionals and attorneys. We believe the client should be in control, and are willing to balance risk-related factors in a manner appropriate to your tolerance and preference, whether aggressive or conservative. We continuously improve and modernize our master documents to avoid the complacency issues present in large law firms that provide similar products.