Hedge Fund Formation Services

Our team of industry experts provide cost-effective solutions to start hedge funds for our clients. We leverage our proprietary automation software and experience in founding, growing, and operating hedge funds to add value to our clients. We specialize in the development of U.S. based, non-SEC registered, hedge funds tailored and structured to your exact needs.

Our Client Profiles

56% RIA Managers • 14% Broker/Dealers • 11% Lawyers • 19% Other

Median Client AUM Within One Year: $29.5MM USD

Our Products and Services

Hedge Fund Offering Documents

Hedge funds have four essential documents that your future investors will review and sign before investing:

          • Private Placement Memorandum
          • Fund Limited Partnership / Operating Agreement
          • Fund Subscription Agreement
          • Client Questionnaire

Our flagship service, Peachtree Capital develops hedge fund offering documents using engineer-developed automation software and licensing deals with securities attorneys. Our streamlined work process results in higher quality workmanship at substantially reduced cost. Many law firms would charge upwards of $30,000 USD for comparable offering document packages.

Hedge Fund Entities

Domestic hedge funds typically have two entities; a management entity that controls investment elections and acts as the general partner to a limited partnership that investments are held in. We discuss options with our clients to structure your hedge fund in a tax advantaged matter, and for maximum protection to emerging fund managers. We are able to form hedge fund entities in all 50 states.

Hedge Fund Accounts

We assist our clients as-needed in taking care of tedious paperwork to set up an appropriate custodian and escrow account for your hedge fund, allowing operations to begin quickly.

Hedge Fund Filings & Registration

We provide consulting services to advise and assist in the proper filings with federal and state regulators for your fund. We assist with SEC, CFTC, NFA, and “Blue Sky” filings as needed. In many cases, SEC registration is not required, and we generally recommend seeking registration only if required to maintain compliance. We will determine if 506(b), 506(c), 3(c)1, 3(c)7, or other exemptions are best fitted to your objectives.

Operations Bridge-Gap Services

Through our networks, we refer clients to vetted Fund Administrators, tax & audit services, and other professional resources to smooth the transition into operations. For smaller funds, we offer lower cost methods such as accounting spreadsheets to self-administrate. We do not receive finders fees or commission on referrals and present options without incentive bias.


Many competitors up-sell services to customers that could be resolved with a simple consultation to get over the speed bumps on the path to starting a hedge fund. We provide five (5) hours of consulting on all sales that include offering documents at no cost to add value to our clients and iron out the complexities of starting and operating your hedge fund. 


Best Value Guarantee:

If you can find a competitor offering a similar-caliber service that can beat our pricing, a challenge in itself, we will beat their offer by 5%. To date, no customer has been able to find better competitor pricing.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

An unprecedented statement in the industry, If a client is not fully satisfied with the services purchased, we offer a 100% money back guarantee net of reasonably incurred expenditures. We are confident in our ability to form institutional tier products at a fraction of the price of competitors. To date, no client has requested a single dollar back.

Competitive Advantage


For too long prospective hedge fund managers have been deterred by the exorbitantly high price of starting a hedge fund. Peachtree Capital took a different approach; with ultra-lean overhead expenses, advanced automation systems, and pre-organized deals with securities attorneys, we are able to provide the same high quality service expected by a large law firm at a fraction of the cost.


Our team has many years experience founding and operating hedge funds. The Fund Formation Services division focuses exclusively on the challenging start-up phase. There is no more capable group to get your fund up and running in a compliant manner.


We tailor hedge fund start-ups to your specifications, putting the client in control. Exotic fee structures, complex state-by-state regulations, redemption periods, and a multitude of various investment strategies, are just a few of the variables that will be translated to your fund. We are capable of forming ‘traditional’ long / short public equities / derivatives funds, private equity funds, cryptocurrency funds, real estate funds, commodity trading funds, and many more.

Institutional Quality

Our best-selling products, the hedge fund offering documents, are some of the highest quality in the industry. Quality is critical to provide protection to fund managers in the often legally-scrutinized & vilified world of hedge fund management. Competitor start-up providers often develop cookie-cutter elementary products that are insufficient for professional managers.

Tax-Deductible, Fixed Rate, Fee Structure:

Full Turnkey Start-Up: $8,500 – $25,000

Contracts (Institutional Tier): $3,500 – $10,000

Entity Development & Structuring: $1,500 – $6,500

Custodian & Escrow Set-Up: $500 – $3,000

SEC & State Registration$1,000 – $5,000

Consulting: $150 – $500/hr

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Peachtree Capital Management

1612 W. Webster Street Unit A

Houston, TX, 77019

Client Testimonials:

Alpha Partners, LP

“We were skeptical of the quality of the product with the low prices we were quoted. The contract & PPM/SA we purchased would have cost us $40k+ from a law firm for the same caliber contracts. PCM did the job for half of our second best quote. Truly impressive. This group is putting a much needed disruption in fund formation services”

Services Provided: Contracts, Offering Documents

Bradford & Associates Asset Management, LLC

“We made the mistake of working with [competitor company name removed] which at the time seemed great, at a rate of $15,000. The quality of the [other company] was extremely elementary, numerous errors and had a completely ‘cookie cutter’ feel to the product.

We then went with Peachtree – Not only did they beat them on pricing; they were highly professional, and have a knowledgable team that was great at showing us some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ ([competitor company name removed] on the other hand did not). Really enjoyed working with partners instead of an inexperienced salesperson that we experienced before. We heard through the grapevine about Peachtree’s service and we’re firm believers now. Highly recommended.

Services Provided: Full Turnkey

GreenField Capital, LP

“Our group reached out to Peachtree Capital for the formation service. The work was finished ahead of schedule, high quality, and was significantly better on pricing than other quotes. We were able to begin operations sooner and with substantially less start-up costs” 

Service Provided: Contracts, Entities, Accounts

 Peachtree Capital Management, LLC (“PCM”) is not a law firm and does not provide legal advisory services. PCM is not an accounting firm and does not provide tax advisory services. No information presented by PCM should be interpreted as legal or tax advise. Clients received no compensation for testimonials.