PCM Fund Performance

Peachtree Capital Long/Short Value Fund “PCLSVF”

Reporting Period: Q2’19

YTD Net Return: +19.7%

Sharpe Ratio: 2.83

PCLSVF is taking limited clients at this time.

10/5/18 Special Notice – Super Micro Computers (SMCI)

The board of directors of Peachtree Capital Management are pleased to announce the conclusion to our most successful and aggressive short position taken in company history. On Thursday, October 4th, our SMCI short position, held for nearly one year, became a reality, netting a 55% return on short position, and 179% return on put option positions to our shareholders. Our rigorous analysis of Super Micro Computers, Inc. showed objective and undeniable down-side risk and mispricing of SMCI stock. As of 10/4/2018 2:30PM EST, we have purchased back every share of SMCI, and sold all SMCI 15-strike put options.