Incubator Funds

In addition to the flagship Fund, the Peachtree Capital Long/Short Value Fund, PCM intends to bring additional Funds to market estimated to begin accepting investors in 2020.

Peachtree Capital Engineering Fund

Three of the six managing partners of PCM are engineers with extensive experience and networks in the oil & gas / chemicals industry. We intend to leverage our strong networks and knowledge of engineering firms to select investments in companies that are known through ‘word of mouth’ to have higher potential for success versus the competition.

Peachtree Capital Baneish Short Fund

A short-only Fund, this fund will intend to take an activist approach to finding companies that may be performing illegal accounting manipulation, and launching both public and private investigations to eradicate financial malpractice. The Fund will be intended for Institutional investors seeking a low-expense means of obtaining enhanced short exposure in the U.S. equities markets.

Peachtree Capital Tactical High Risk Fund

The fund intends to purchase high-risk, high-reward targets with no regard for risk adjusted returns, but simply maximum long term capital appreciation. The Fund will be intended for HNWI investors seeking to add a high-risk segment to their portfolio.

Gross Return since 12/1/2017: +43.7% (as of 5/26)

PENDING REGULATORY APPROVAL: Peachtree Capital Asset Protection Fund

An unprecedented statement in the asset management industry, the Peachtree Capital Asset Protection Fund would come with a guarantee of limited financial loss up to a certain value. The fund is intended for HNWI’s seeking to achieve aggressive equities returns while eliminating a significant portion of downside risk in the event of macroeconomic distress. The legal team of PCM have commenced a feasibility study regarding the regulatory affairs surrounding this particular fund.