Fund Strategy

Fund Objective: Long Term Wealth Creation

Investment Horizon: 10+ yrs

Fund Category: Long/Short Value Oriented

Net Long Exposure (Current): 84% (unleveraged)


Our Investment Strategy:

  • Acquires undervalued securities with a significant margin of safety (30% to 150% long positions).
  • Short sells overvalued securities or securities that may be financially unstable (-70% to 0% short positions).
  • Net seller of equity and index derivatives for strategic acquisitions, risk management, and yield enhancement.
  • Utilizes variable leverage based on market conditions.
  • Generates interest on loaned securities to short sellers.
  • Interviews former and current executives and employees of prospective investments.

The information provided above is intended to give a condensed overview of the Fund strategy. Net long exposure is defined as long exposure minus short exposure. As with any investment, returns may be negative or positive over any time frame. Additional details of the Fund strategy will be provided only to accredited individuals upon request via a confidential private placement memorandum.